Sep 112017

Our (possibly annual) picnic took place this year on Wednesday 30th August, in the wonderful grounds of Tantallon Castle. Andrew Spratt, the ‘Monument Manager’ made his usual impressive entrance dressed as a medieval knight in armour, proceeding to tell us the rich history of the castle and then showing us a variety of very nasty weapons and explaining exactly how they were used to kill people.

He accepted that some of us may have felt a little squeamish but said that these tales we were much loved by P4 Primary school children!

Andrew then led us on a tour of the castle and grounds explaining in particular the use of various ditches, banks , drawbridges and towers.

One of the highlights was his explanation of a breach-loading culverin circa 1436-1480, a type of cannon, t  hat could fire two inch cannonballs in very rapid succession as a number of breach units could be pre-packed with powder and cannonball. These could then be used to re-load the gun without the need for the time consuming muzzle loading process.

Our picnic lunch followed, ending the day with our picnic games.

Due to the limited width of the ‘running track’ we had to have heats for the ladies egg-and -spoon, the heats were won by Ann Burton and Elaine Reid with Elaine going on to win the final.

The men did not need any heats as there were fewer of them, with the race being won by Brian Young.

The ever popular ‘ball-in-the-bucket’ competition kindly lent by Robert Russel and Tove Gammeljord produced a clear winner in Moira Naylor.

Our congratulations go to all our winners and many thanks to Andrew for his very lively input.