Art in the Drawing Room



Liz Cunningham – – 01620 82 3227


First Wednesday monthly 1:30 – 3:30         (Spaces available for new members to this group)


Members’ homes on rota basis

Content of sessions: 2018/2019/2020

April – Loosening-up exercises before drawing something small of your choice. (Good fun was had trying the continuous line drawings then it was down to concentrating on drawing ‘shiny things’ such as pieces of jewellery and silver spoons. We finished by drawing something of our choice. May– big and bold – working with charcoal to depict overall shapes of interesting objects. Subjects included African wooden bust and vintage china. June – We enjoyed drawing two objects from a great assortment including dried flower heads, shells, pine cones, vintage china and a small statue. Extra session on 27th June 2:00-4:00 pm – going over the basics of drawing – really observing what we are seeing, creating light and shade, determining shapes and proportions. (July meeting cancelled). August– Still-life sketches/plants, flowers, vine toms.  Maggie has kindly donated several sheets of watercolour paper for the group to use so we will try some different techniques out on a future date. September – Various items to draw (or bring something small of your own) and any pencils, crayons, charcoal as wished. October – Drawing from choice of still life- wooden bust, hydrangae, anatomical wooden figure, autumn leaves. November – Individual work from art books and celtic knotwork pattern. January – Still Life study followed by individual work from art & drawing books. February – Drew each other’s faces followed by our review meeting. March – enjoyed drawing from variety of subjects (snowdrops, wooden birds, ship model, then sketched shoes + boots). April – sketching each other followed by  learning something of John’s working techniques. May – quick sketching of  range of  objects using only felt tip pens then more concentrated approach to drawing one or two of choice. (June-Aug holiday break). September – Sketching various objects (flowers, autumn seed pods, shell, fruit). October – Cancelled.  First Session 2019/6th February. Still life assortment- pomegranate, fruit bowl, prosthetic hand. March Sketching in Lady Kitty’s Garden. April Experimental work with inks, watercolours and mark making. May Still life work with glass bottles, china and brass. June Out of doors sketching at Preston Mill, E. Linton. July Indoor/outdoor still life work. Aug Learning how to use watercolour pencils. Sep Figure sketching. Oct Ways to sketch animals. Nov Still Life studies. Dec  End of year lunch. First Session 2020/15th January Still Life studies. Feb Still Life. March Capturing areas of light and darker areas using charcoal on paper. From March until further notice: group not active due to Covid 19



Ideas submitted by group members for 2020- pen + ink drawing, watercolours, outdoor sketching, drawing with different tools.