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Message from Chris on the suspension of our walking activities 


Hello to all,


I do hope you are all keeping well and in good spirits!


Your committee has given some thought to ways of keeping us all in touch informally during the present crisis. We think there could be value in having a convenient means to exchange news, thoughts, suggestions for coping, entertainments and so on. Formats could include chat, pictures, videos. All members will be welcome and encouraged to contribute. Having looked at several possibilities we now propose a WhatsApp group.


WhatsApp is a very easy to use messaging app. It automatically links you to all of your contacts who are also WhatsApp users. It can be used for connecting voice and video phone calls as well as for chat, photos and videos. Communications are private and encrypted.


The WhatsApp group will operate on an opt-in basis. You will not be in it unless you actively choose to participate.


The group admin will be Alan Macfarlane. If you would like to participate please advise Alan on You need to have WhatsApp installed on your phone and also confirm your mobile number with him.  Alan will then sign you up and you will receive a message via WhatsApp.


The existing group email will continue to operate as the main channel for essential communications to all members, including walk arrangements when we can eventually resume them.


Any comments or suggestions on this proposal can be sent by reply to  (to reach all members) or to me individually on


Very best to all





Members should log in and return to this page to see name and contact details.


Weekly, Wednesdays at 9 a.m.


Programmes of weekly walks in the Lothians and Borders (and occasionally further afield) are created by contributions from members. Walks are usually between 8 and 10 miles, moderately demanding, sometimes including steep gradients, and with stops for coffee and lunch. The usual starting point is Whittingehame Drive, Haddington at 9 a.m. sharp. Full details of each walk are circulated to all members a few days beforehand.

We hope that most members will take a turn at suggesting and leading a walk. This does not have to be anything complicated. We are quite happy to do something as straightforward as a ‘there and back again’ on a well known path, such as the John Muir Way, or the Southern Upland Way, or, indeed, any other walk with which you are familiar. It does not matter if we have done it before. In fact, most of the walks we do are recycled over time. If most of our members came up with a walk we would each only need to lead about one per year!










18th March – Whiteadder Water to Cranshaws

“Today’s walk was lovely but not without event. Including crossing 3 fast flowing rivers. We all managed it and then noticed at Cranshaws (back of beyond) they had a defibrillator and a bike mending station! They must have heard we were coming! ” – from Catherine ( Campbell )

NOTE : This will be our last walk until we know we can resume walking as a group with safety to ourselves and most importantly to those we meet and live with. Lets hope its not long. This web page will not go static however, as it is hoped to be updated weekly with comments / news items from among our group ( and anyone else ) to let each other know how we are all doing in these serious times. If we are all to isolate, it may become another tiny little outlet to say hello in any sort of way to everyone in the group as friends with any daft to serious comment with or without photos. Chris Clark will be sending out an email detailing a possible format for this activitiy. I know everyone wishes everyone a good outcome to all of this and we will see each other very soon again on our great walks.



Car Park – Whiteadder Reservoir













Is that a chocolate bar ?

Wheresat ? Answers please and I’ll fill this in













Not quite the Red River but tricky














Robert and Monika doing the tango











Catherine spotted these !












Our group of heroes – Our last walk until suspension lifted












photos courtesy of  Monika McDonald and Catherine Campbell










11th March – East Linton to North Berwick

A doughty group faced pretty wet weather initially, to be blown not quite dry in the sunnier second part of the walk on the John Muir Way to North Berwick. This walk used to be located only in East Lothian but in 2014 it was extended to Helensburgh making it a total of 130 miles long. Even so there will not be many stretches as scenic as this now ending part of the Way – ( perhaps in better weather did I hear ? 🙂 )



happy group just before rain

hill above East Linton





















round the woods heading for Balgone Lakes

the boss and first lady, and his especially chosen guest -early lunch











the hoi poloi al fresco











a fine volcano

view from bus stop at Seabird Centre












photos and captions courtesy of  Peter R










4th March – Gore Glen Woodland Park to Temple

A walk in the South Esk Valley, described by our walk leader as a fine scenic ramble, and that is what it was. We had no rain and lots of sunshine, so that although the air temperature was low some of us were casting garments off ! The heavy rains have created a white water type flow in some of the areas of the steep sided river and were quite spectacular close up. We passed by the historic Temple Church in glorious sunshine and had a look in, Joy Clark has very kindly sent in a synopsis of its history which is addended below.



Gore Glen Woodland Park Car Park, near the Park, Parked

Heres lookin at ya













Some tremendous displays were around
























Aerobics ( for some ! )

A helping hand











Temple Church – see below for info












Note from Joy Clark

Temple Church, which until the 1500s was known as Balantradoch (Stead of the Warrior), was the site of an important monastery belonging to the Knights Templar. After the Templars were dissolved in 1312 the monastery passed to the Knights of St John, and it was probably they who built the now ruined church, using some of the original stones and foundations. Legend has it that the Templars’ treasure was brought from Paris and buried in Balantradoch for safety. Maybe we should have spent more time digging around in the mud!












photos courtesy of  Peter R, Alan M, Malcolm M





































26th February – Abbey St Bathans to Blackerstone

Pete’s Description of the walk – “We set out from the car park for the Southern Upland Way with a bit of roadwork to Toot Corner, from where we strike off for Edinhall Broch. Then we cross the shoulder of Cockburn Law and head down to the little steading of Cockburn East. From there there is a good track to Elba where we cross the Whiteadder Water and find our way to Blackerstone. After a bit of road walking we cut off at Moorhouse and head back down the SUW to the start.”



Gathering at Abbey St Albans

Heavy with flood water













Frost on the windscreen ! I thought it was the local topography in plaster 🙂 at first !


































The Shoogly Bridge






















photos courtesy of  Peter R, Mary A, Malcolm M





































19th February – Berwick upon Tweed to Burnmouth

A terrific walk along the coast, meeting at Burnmouth, bussing it into Berwick and walking back along the Coast route. This walk offers constantly varying views of the cliff edged sea and being parallel to the mighty main east line, the fun of seeing the 125’s whoosh by at close proximity.



Burnmouth – Getting out of the boots and into them

Different and classy













waiting for the 10.06













Chris relaying the story of the Berwick Castle

The Old Bridge














Cup o’ Tea time at the Wall

The remarkable cliff edged coastline











The Cross looks like – DONT ENTER ! 🙂











Whae’s like us












photos courtesy of  Peter R





































12th February – Athelstaneford to Barney Mains

The weather forecast a windchill of -2 deg C with a possibility of snow. Well, there was some snow, certainly a chill, but magnificent sunshine in the main. The hardy get outta bedders achieved their just reward of that unique cold fresh air and wonderfully clear views you get in between storms with lots of sunny periods.



Not bound for the North Pole – just Barney Mains !

Damp and wet underfoot but not much rain













Barney Mains













Barnes Castle
























Great action pic of the Castle

Anyone for a suntan ?












photos courtesy of  Peter R, Malcolm M





































5th February – East Linton to Binning Wood

A very pleasant and easy walk in the lovely countryside west of East Linton. Our 800th walk ! The Red Arrows were to give a low flypass, but I think they got the timing wrong as nothing was seen or heard of them apparently. Our average is around 8 to 9 miles per walk – if that was on a continuous road we would be in Mongolia just west of Vladivostock !




East Linton @ the Mart













a bit wet, droogly, but with resource suitable accommodation was found













Marys found a seat














Our intrepid leader , with lead

Marje leads the way with a song











an unbeatable end to the walk












photos courtesy of  Peter R, Terry S




























29th January – Penicuik House

A very cold day, but situated in the grounds of Penicuik House, much of it was sheltered. Built in the mid 18th century it was destroyed by fire around 1900 which is a shame as it was central as a meeting point, ( I had a typo there and put pint instead, I wonder if that was more appropriate 🙂 ), for many of the great figures of the Scottish Enlightenment.




All wrapped up and ready to go













A window seat













Nell leads the way
























Warm smiles in the cold












photos courtesy of  Dave S, Terry S



















22nd January – Haddington to Morham Kirk and Linplum

A lovely walk in a broad loop to the south of Haddington. Muddy, but what else at this time of the year ? All our usual photographers were absent from the walk but 6 have been sent in to save the day ! Remember, if you want to take photographs, its easy and just send them to me on WhatsApp ( 07767086651 ) . It helps others who havent been on the walk to see what we are up to. Its a private connection, so it will be vetted before being published ! 🙂




£ 1 trillion pounds to the first to guess what that is

Januar sun













refuge at Morham Kirk













Refugees at Morham Kirk

More refugees at Morham Kirk














photos courtesy of  Malcolm M, Chris C



















15th January – Peebles to Lyne Station

We had another lucky Wednesday for weather, with yesterdays gales and promise tomorrow of worse. Today, however, we had a fresh breeze and sunshine, – and no rain ! This walk along the River Tweed showed the river in all its power, being in spate, and seemed full of menace flowing deep swirling and silent past us. The pathways were not too bad considering the torrents that have come down and we managed a fine stroll along , for the most part, till near the end, a near flat journey.




Hay Lodge Park, Peebles

Neidpath Castle










Just great being out










We found a poor sheep that had died entangled in a fence

Deep and Strong – stay away !:)

























We got the sun, so lucky














photos courtesy of  Geoff C, Malcolm M, Alan M



















8th January – Dunbar to West Barns

A refeshing stroll along the coast from Dunbar to near the lighthouse. No one was struck by a golf ball passing the Dunbar Golf Club, nor were we savaged by THE BEAR ( does it have a name – yet ? ). The bear in question has been newly constructed by the same artist ( Andy Scott ) as created the Kelpies, see pics below. It isnt meant to look benign, but it seemed to some suspiciously gender neutral, but perhaps that is because it can be on the path to a short cut to the local Asda, and where can you hang your bags on a long walk ?  🙂 . We had Annual Lunch at the Dunmuir Hotel where all seemed to enjoy themselves. Terry gave out the news he was passing the baton as Group Leader on to Chris Clark, but staying on with the Committee to continue the growth and maintenance of all his now large and valuable documentation of our walks and organisation on Dropbox.




Start at the Dunmuir Hotel










… cries of Happy New Year !


































Someone said there was a bear loose – you seen it ?

Looking SW to the Barns Ness Lighthouse














does it GROWL or squeak?

We all had ….










… a ……..

…… good time …..










… and the …..

….. food was ……..










…. good

Terry updating us on the year’s events – we all thank him for the efforts he has put in on our behalf to make the walks so enjoyable










photos courtesy of  Peter R, Alan M



















11th December – Haddington to Colstoun House

A ‘ short’ walk – still 6 miles though in a bright sunny December morning. Today marks the last walk of 2019 before Xmas and the walk was curtailed to suit a celebration ‘Mince Pie Event’ at the Bridge Centre for 2.00. It is reported 42 turned up and had a good time, serviced by the hard work put in by Marje Ramage and Mary McCall,




Car Park at St Marys, note Archie’s Xmas antlers, but he has put them on the wrong end


































The spoils of war

Colstoun House














A small section of us having a good time at the Bridge Centre










photos courtesy of  Peter R, Malcolm M




















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