Open Lecture – The Sacred Valley of the Incas

Speaker: Maria Chester

Maria Chester is the U3A’s National Subject Adviser for American Archaeology. She travels throughout the country presenting her ‘Ancient American Civilisations’ that includes the Olmec, the Maya, the Inca and all their predecessors. It is a subject that has made her passionate since she was a teenager. She has degrees in Fine Arts and Art History and a Masters on Pre-columbian civilisations. She has travelled the world and is an experienced conference-goer.

Maria was also appointed as our national Third Age Trust (TAT) representative to AIUTA – Association Internationale des Universités du Troisième Age in February 2015. She has already traveled to Alicante, Spain last June and is chairing the conference at U3A Lublin in Poland in September 2015.

She leads several groups in her local East Berwickshire U3A and loves tutoring U3A Summer Schools.

Maria Chester, Open Lecture,  November 2015
Maria Chester