Summer Picnic August 2019

This year’s summer picnic will be at Cockenzie House and Gardens on Wednesday 21st August:
11.0 Arrival and assembly in the coffee bar/cafe
11.30 Talk and tour of the premises
12.30 U3A Picnic in the conservatory, called the ‘Willow’Room’
1.30 Games on the lawn
As a charity Cockenzie House needs to generate income so each U3A Member will be asked to give a £2 cash donation.
There will be two races
1. Egg and spoon
2. Deportment, fast walking with a book on your head.
SO please bring; Your lunch-time picnic, a spoon, a hard-boiled egg, a book of your choice, waterproof clothing, money for morning coffee and cash charity donation
I look forward to seeing you
Kind regards
Tony Reeves