New Website

The website has just been rebuilt.  The old website was falling apart because the theme used (a block of software that controls the layout of menus, headers, sidebars, text, etc.) has not been updated for a few years and was no longer functioning correctly with the newer versions of WordPress.  At the same time the u3a has been going through a ‘re-branding’ exercise so this seemed like an opportunity to move our new website a bit closer to the official u3a style.

There will be teething problems.  Please email me with anything you spot that does not seem quite right and any suggestions for ways the site could be improved.  All comments welcome.

If you are an editor of one of the Group pages then read New website guide for a summary of the changes, or Web Instructions for Group Leaders 202102 for the updated version of the full editing instructions (both available on the Documents page).

Colin Legg  –